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Friday, July 6, 2012

How Reinergirl saved my bathroom vanity

So my dearest sister Reinergirl took pity on our poor ramshackle bathroom vanity and whisked it away to her magic kingdom to do some restoration on it!  Don't you just love sisters/magic fairies!

This is a before shot.  Note the mismatched added cabinet.  Plus since we are not going to have a black tank we were going to have a giant hole to the left as well!
I though she was going to just glue on a piece of veneered red oak but no no no  ...she was able to pry it off!

So she yanked the whole front off!

And then she noticed that the shelf was disgusting as well so she got rid of  that too!

This is a side view of the contact papered piece that was adjacent to the bathtub.  Yup.. she yanked that off!

So here we have the poor pathetic skeleton of the bathroom vanity.  You would think Reinergirl would be stressed by this but you evidently DO NOT KNOW my sister.  She is supergirl!

Rebuilding begins

What have we here... a nice maple shelf to replace the yucky one.

I have no idea what this is or what she is doing!

Cutting out the side section

This is the router she forced me to use to help her!

Glueing it together

Router does an awesome job

After alot of trial and error we discovered a mixture of 3 coats golden oak Minwax mixed with 1 coat golden pecan was the closest match.

More photos to follow......


  1. Hehehe... I'm stripping all my aluminum panels right now, making that vanity was way more fun!

    A few notes for others who attempt this, even though it looks like I was lining up the panels on the edges of the plywood in fact I left a small overhang on everything that was routed off later. That way I got a nice flush cut finished edge. And the Whiteside flush cut bit was AWESOME! Really nice quality bit, I was impressed.

    Sis, that orange tool was for scraping off the glue and bits of veneer that stuck on the frame.

    And where's the picture of you routing the last drawer opening???

  2. A down and dirty method; put a sheet of new 1/4" over the old plywood. You can only tell if the door is open and a trained eye fixes on it. Reinergirl did it the right way however! Great job for sure.