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Sunday, September 23, 2012

Grey tank venting

So here is the story. We are totally happy that we had Colin Hyde put in two grey tanks  from Vintage Trailer Supply.  Now the bad news.... one of the tanks vented out of the floor into our alley separating the double bed and the vanities.  You see most trailers have two twin beds on either side of the the trailer which would have totally hidden the vent but in our  double bed case it sticks right out in the visible portion of our floor.  Yuck.   We thought about trying to pull the tiny middle bureau out but it would actually land right on top of the vent making the bottom section unuseable.  So we vented it as low as possible and shunted it under the bureau.   We are going to have to somehow cover it with something sturdy so that we do not inadvertantly kick it in the middle of the night on the way to the bathroom but so be it.  Any ideas would be greatly appreciated!  Sometimes you can't always get what you want (insert Rolling Stones music here!)  We are so pleased with our grey tanks that we don't really mind.

Here is the vent sticking out looking torwards the bathroom.  See how the middle bureau was inset between the two closets.   However the vent is directly in line with the cabinetry making it impossible to move the bureau forward.

We vented it with a small pipe underneath the middle bureau

Floor's eye view of the venting

Unfortunately the vent is flush with the other flanking cabinets so we can not pull the middle bureau forward

View of venting inside of the bureau around the wheel well.

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  1. Move the face of the drawer unit out. That is a very simple solution and will only require making a new countertop.