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Saturday, April 13, 2013

Refrigerator Access Panel

For some strange reason,  our trailer did not have a lower refrigerator access panel to access the back of the refrigerator.   Since we have decided not to place a roof vent but instead use the existing upper vent for the refrigerator, we wanted a similar looking vent but had great difficulty locating one.  We ordered numerous ones, only to send them back since we did not like the look of them, and eventually settled on the stainless steel version on for a whopping $139!  We are hoping it will at least not be glaringly obvious on our trailer.  Photos are below.

Hole cut in trailer!

Aluminum channels were place to support inner and outer skins.  Channels were bought from
Metals Depot 1.5 inches  X 1 inch X 1/8 inch.  Note the generous use of Vulkem

Channels were pop riveted in place on the interior. 

Access panel was clecoed into place, again with a boat load of vulkem!

We couldn't decide between screws or pop rivets, but since the upper vent was pop riveted we elected to also rivet this one for continuity

Access panel in place.  We have decided not to continue to polish the upper vent so it will begin to match the lower panel!  Lizzie and Stella our two dogs had to be in the photo!

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