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Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Nature's Head Composting Toilet

Installation of the Nature's Head Composting toilet was extremely easy.  We had already prewired the area with 12 volts to power the internal muffin fan and we drilled a hole through the bathroom wall into our utility closet for the vent tubing.  Two "L" shaped brackets attached the toilet to the floor and we were "good to go"  so to speak!!  The toilet fit nicely into the area that are black tank/original toilet was. So far we have been extremely happy with it.  Absolutely no smells are noted.   

The cabinet adjacent to the toile can still be utilized.  The panel front is on a hinge so that you can remove the panel completely. This was original to the trailer.

Simple brackets attach it to the plywood floor

Note the toilet is vented behind the last Fantastic Fan.  We had picked up this vent and although it is not original it at least tries to be period correct.  It is made of aluminum and we used screen over the vent holes to minimize hornet nesting

Forgot to show everyone the inside of the closet where the venting went.  It merged with the gray tank venting and went out through the original black tank vent opening.  The portion outside of the closet area should be covered by the bathroom wooden partition that holds the privacy curtain.


  1. Are you guys still happy with this particular toilet? Seems like a great, eco-friendly solution. -kerry

  2. Yes we are still happy! Have had no problems with it so far!