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Sunday, August 21, 2011

July .. Insulating trailer

We hemmed and hawed about how to insulate our trailer and decided to go with Colin Hyde's approach. We used Reflectix on the outer skin with no spacers and then placed Safetouch by Dow in the interior.  Safetouch is made up of polyester fibers and is considered a "green" product.  You can work with it with your bare hands and since I absolutely HATE the pink itchy  formaldehyde-infused stuff it was a no brainer for us.  Even though it won all sorts of awards it is now being discontinued (probably due to price).  Now that it is on clearance, it is actually cheaper than the pink stuff.    It was slightly harder to work with since it did not divide evenly-you have to split the R-13 batting into two halves in order to fit in within the skin.   The reflectix actually pressed easily into the frame.  In areas that did not have a frame we used a 3M adhesive spray which also worked really well.


  1. Hi there,
    Just wondering how you are finding the insulation to be working. I am looking to do the same, and just wondering if you have any condensation issues etc? Thanks!

  2. We would not use this Safetouch insulation again since it was so difficult to cut and work with. We would use two layers of Reflectix with an airspace in between if we had to do it all over again!