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Sunday, August 28, 2011

Replaced water filler and replaced porch light

before light was replaced

Could not find an original water filler worth anything and decided to replace it with a marine water filter which we purchased at Boatersland Marine.  It is a Scandvik Deckfill Water filler and we think it looks nice.  We also got an original porch light off ebay and replaced the bulb inside with a livewell LED light  from West Marine which fit snugly inside of it.  The light is fairly dim which I like since it is not a bug attractor but it is enough to see the handle and unlock the door.  Outer surface of chrome light has some chrome defects but decided not to rechrome it due to cost.


  1. Not to pick on you, but do you have a head-on image of the new light you could post?


  2. Hey TomW Had to find the photos in my album but I included them above!