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Saturday, December 17, 2011

Electrical cabinet update

We are commiting a back closet on the street side into an electrical cabinet of sorts.  It will hopefully house two group 27 batteries and various electrical accoutrements!   Our Progressive Dynamics converter and AC/DC distribution panel will be going on the side of the cabinet. All of the electrical wires enter this cabinet in varying stages of disorganization! 

This tool tore up the formica pretty quickly!

Please note the bandaid is not due to the exacto knife. 

   The wall of the closet next to the future toilet had been covered in contact paper and the wood underneath it was marked and ugly.  We decided to add slightly more stability to the wall by adding a layer of formica.   The pattern was called SISAL MAT and we ordered it from Home Depot.   We found out formica is not the easiest material to work with.  We tried various cutting methods including electrical tin snips, cutting shears, etc. until we found out that we could cut it fairly easily with a sharp exacto knife!!   The glueing process was also nerve wracking- we had one shot to lay it down correctly.   We cut the formica oversized on the curved edge.  After the glue firmly set, we used a Dremel to make the edge exact. Above are the photos.

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