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Sunday, November 6, 2011

Bulkhead Wall Moulding Woes!

So we hit a snafu riveting in the bulkhead wall moulding back into our trailer. The rivet gun head from Vintage Trailer supply, and the pneumatic rivet gun from Harbor Freight both had too large of a head to seat the rivet snugly into the moulding since the metal ridge gets in the way.  We went to Sears to try to get a narrower head and although better still would not let us completely seat the rivet in.   We ended up making a wedge out of a piece of belly pan aluminum so that we could seat the riveter head over the rivet squarely.  The wedge allowed an even distribution of pressure around the rivet head so that the rivets seated evenly.   This is a bit hard to describe but we thought we would try since this may help others with replacing their bulkhead mouldings.

The rivet gun we found from Sears with a smaller head

We bent the rivet slightly for better access

Notice the wedge shape of the piece of aluminum

Initially rivet placed into hole

Rivet head seated into hole

Wedge placed into to allow even pressure with riveter

Rivet in place

small head size of Sears Riveter

Vintage Trailer Supply Riveter was too big


  1. Excellent solution!! I took my rivet gun to the grinding wheel and ground it down to virtually nothing so it could slide in there.

  2. I often use the cave man approach and hone it in as I go....

  3. too funny! We will try that technique next!