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Sunday, September 25, 2011

Interior skins and painting

We finally got the rest of the interior skins in.  The secret is patience and LOTS and LOTS of clecos!  Here are our before and after photos of the interior skins.  We hemmed and hawed over the use of Zolatone and another alternative called Multispec before we finally decided to paint with Benjamin Moore paint. My husband loved the look of zolatone whereas I was sort of ambivalent toward it.  It would have been prohibitively expensive for us to do it and we elected to put the money into other areas like flooring and electrical supplies instead.  I hope we do not regret this decision but hey, it is our stinking trailer so live with it!!  The primer was plain white, but the final color we chose was called Filtered Sunlight which is a soft creamy yellow. I love it!  We kept the trunk panel the original Zolatone  to remember it!  A big shout out goes to my twin sister Shelly who helped us with painting.  She is the Martha Stewart in our family (without the prison sentence!).  Our next issue to have angst over is the flooring.  We want to go with Marmoleum but not sure if we are going to DIY with the planks or have a professional put in the sheet flooring....decisions decisions.

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