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Sunday, October 30, 2011

Painting the floor

Well we decided to paint the floor to protect it more.  It was a difficult decision because we did not want to cover up potential leaks that we could see easily in the plywood.  We decided to paint 98 percent of the floor and then leave a rim of exposed plywood around the edge to check for dampness.  We will see the painted floor in the cabinets and under the bed so it will give it a more finished look but the  actual exposed area will be covered with marmoleum click.   We used a Desert Sand color from Benjamin Moore which is sort of the same color as the plywood. We used an oil base indoor /outdoor porch paint for maximum durability.  We put bondo over all of the recessed elevator bolts and sanded them lightly before painting.   Note the grey tank holes next to the wheel well.  Those we are going to vent through the cabinets.  One of them will be unfortunately exposed next to a recessed bureau because of the fact that the person putting it in thought we had two twin beds instead of a double bed but I think we can work around this issue.

Update on floor!  Hated the color but initially decided to live with it since we are going to cover it up with marmoleum.  Decided to repaint the floor a "straw" color of same brand of paint since we are going to camp with the painted floor for at least one season to ferret out any major leaks the trailer might have.  The thought of covering up the entire floor with marmleum only to have it secretly leak was too terrifying.  We will live with the painted floor for now.  Frankly, there will be very little open floor space anyway so we will either stencil it for now or buy some cute throw rugs!

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