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Sunday, November 6, 2011

Shiny doors

Decided to strip the interior of the door and make it shiny.  Used citristrip multiple times and got down to some very oxidized metal that had us slightly worried about the polishing of it.  See worrisome photos above!   We are going to replace the door latches since Vintage Trailer supply stocks them and stripping them would be a royal pain.   We protected the precious door handle as best we could.   Although this was a very crude polishing it actually started to turn out better than we expected.   The whole reason we are doing this is to showcase a door guard that we got for our wedding anniversary (yes we are pathetic).  Peter and I both went to Ohio State so when we saw the Buckeyes on the door guard we fell in love.   Mind you this is the first frivolous purchase we have made for our trailer.  Fixing axles and frame and floor is all fine and good but terribly terribly uninspiring!

After two layer of Citristrip there is still paint left 

This was the oxidation under all that paint

3/4 of the door is polished

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