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Friday, August 24, 2012

Camping at Lake Carmi

Yes the inner door is polished.  We love our jalousie windows

Kids in the group had an enormous raft to frolick on!

In the heat of the"Set Back" tournament.  Our daughter Hannah ended up taking the trophy home!!
Every year we camp for 4 days at Lake Carmi with a wonderful group of people!  We swim, canoe, have a card tournament with a game called "Set Back" which is frighteningly competitve, and drink way too much beer.  This year was memorable since for it was our MAIDEN outing with our trailer.  Yes, we still have no refrigerator or stove, and there was only running water to our bathroom sink which was not heated, and our propane lines are not in, but it was FABULOUS.   No more tenting for us. Period. THE END.    We took too few photos primarily because we were having too much fun!!

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