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Saturday, August 25, 2012

The DREADED Polishing

We are trying two different systems to polish the trailer.  The traditional compound polisher way using Nuvite (F7) and the Jestco way with a cotton batting wheel and grey and rouge bars.

Traditional nuvite method... 3 hours worth

Traditional method.... note the deep scratches where the previous owner had built a deck from. Yuck

Traditional method with Nuvite from front window to edge of endcap took 10 hours

Jestco method on rear endcap... approximately 2 hours of work.  

Jestco method

Initial polishing went MUCH quicker with Jestco grey bar but the red/rouge bar does not seem to  shine the surface up like the F7 nuvite.  We are toying with the idea of using the grey bar initially and then switching to the Nuvite polishing method for next step.  The Jestco way seems more stressful on your wrists compared to the Nuvite way..  We will keep everyone up to date on our progress.  We hate polishing!

More photos below........   After using both systems we are still leaning towards the Perfect Polish way... definitely slower but ultimately turns out nicer in our hands.  We really wanted to like the other way but at least in cooler Vermont it did not work as well for us.

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  1. To fully compare the two you must do them on the same panel side by side. Ends caps are notorious having various brightness. Use a side panel to compare side by side. Neither method will give a final result, you will need to cyclo to get rid of the Nuvite swirls and the Jestco lines. I personally use Jestco, grey, then red, then switch to a cyclo using yellow pads with Diamond Brite then blue pads with Diamond Brite. One more pointer; start on the roof. You get to practice there and the cord slap will not ruin the work you have done. YES YOU NEED TO DO THE ROOF TOO!!!!