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Saturday, August 25, 2012

New curtains for the trailer

Above the kitchen sink...I am showing them closed for the full effect!

Above the double bed

Even the endcap windows have curtains.  We only left the jalousie window bare due to it's awkward size and overall coolness!

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I collected a whole bunch of souvenir vintage handkerchiefs off of ebay for cheap.  Evidently people collected them on their vacation travels like we would collect bumper stickers.  They have a very fifties vibe to them and although my trailer is a 1960, I think it has more of a fifties feel to it with it's pink bathroom sink(and toilet which unfortunately I had to toss).   The problem was how to use them in the trailer.  My sister Shelly and I brainstormed and came up with a perfect solution....curtains!!   I needed them anyway and I wanted something light and bright to give us privacy but not gloominess to the trailer.   Shelly, being a jack of all trades and master to most,  whipped them up in no time.  If I need more darkness, I do have leftover reflectix cut to fit the window openings.

We even covered the front new LED lights with a handkerchief....looks great with the light on and gets rid of that NEW light feel.....  I have to say it is finally fun to do something completely frivolous in the trailer.

We had a problem with the curtains falling away from the trailer as they reached the bottom of the window.  We glued small rare earth magnets on the screens and made our on magnets using old game pieces.  We placed three magnets on each small window and four on the large windows fore and aft.  This way we could use the magnets when the curtains were in the open and closed position.  Worked well and it was a fun easy project!   Loved the superglue by 3M!

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  1. The handkerchief idea is inspiring. Now where did I put Grandma's stash . . .