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Monday, May 13, 2013

Bulletin board near sink and shower curtain track

Catching up on my blog since it is 47 degrees F outside with probable snow overnight.  Spring weather is so unpredictable. You are taking a big risk around here if you camp before Memorial day with no heat in the camper. Whenever we could, we reused the original wood in the trailer but the area next to the kitchen sink was particularly ugly after what we peeled off what appeared to be very old contact paper.   We decided to get a magnetic poster board to not only cover the area, but also store are spices for easy access.  Both were purchased from The Container Store.

This is the before photo...the same day we brought the trailer home.  The previous owner had actually stained around the contact paper, removing it left an area that we could not match up the old stained finish.

Here is the area in question!  Notice we polished the previously painted cabinet above the sink.  At least you can see if something is caught in your teeth while you are washing dishes!

This the after photo...we are in the process of polishing the aluminum edging to put back and then the kitchen will be finally done!

The next area we tackled was the shower track. The previous owner had a tension bar shower curtain which was not original to the trailer. We replaced it with a curtain track that we bought from Vintage Trailer Supply. The track bent easily and we drilled and clecoed it into place. Hey, if my best twin sister in the whole world is reading this, we would love you to make us a shower curtain!!

We bought the accessories to fit into the track and they slid in with no problem

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  1. Very nice! Shower curtain central here.... as soon as I'm done having a hissy fit from polishing woes LOL