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Sunday, September 1, 2013

Putting in the new FLOR carpet

We loved Marmoleum but since we painted the floor we were unable to use the sheet Marmoleum and unwilling to use the plank Marmoleum....too many angles in the trailer.  We decided to go radical and GASP put a rug into the trailer!  Our niece had done an internship at the FLOR company several summers ago and told us how cool their carpet was.  We checked out the site and lo and behold fell in love with it as well.  We decided to use a bright color to warm up our interior so we went with the Style MORNING COFFEE and the color DECAF. It was a snap to put in the trailer!  We used it everywhere except in the bathroom (permanent rugs in the bathroom are frankly just gross).   We have camped in it numerous times, in disgusting rainy conditions, and with dogs, and it still held up extremely well.  We have 7 squares left over so that if the entry way does get destroyed with dirt we can easily swap it out.

Before FLOR
Preplacing the tiles

Measuring and cutting the FLOR tiles
Our daughter has a knack for this stuff!

Placeing it next to the sill. We covered up the sill entrance with a piece of aluminum trim from a carpet store.  Forgot to take a photo of it!
Fun funky pattern!  Both my teenage daughters love it!

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