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Monday, September 9, 2013

Converting the Humphrey Lamp to LED!

We loved the charm of the Humphrey light but disliked the idea of another propane line running through our trailer so we decided to explore the possiblility of converting that fixture to an LED one instead.  It was WAY easier than we thought.  It turns out that the non-switched puck light sold by Vintage Trailer supply fits right into the base of the Humphrey lamp.   We just added a simple toggle switch to an unobtrusive location and hooked it up to the wires we had running through our cabinet.  We also added a switched version of the puck light (also by Vintage Trailer Supply) to the kitchen cabinet underneath.   The red switch always stays lit which doubles as a night light, however please note that this also means that it has a small continuous amp draw.  Photos are below!

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