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Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Gaucho is finally done!

After much finagling around the water tank our Gaucho is almost done. Photos are sort of self explanatory but I will include captions when needed.   We had to raise the gaucho in order to get into to fit over the Vintage Supply water tank.  Frankly, it was a bit of a pain in the $$%#@ and if we had to do it all over again we probably would have put the fresh water tank under the bed on the street side.  The good news is that I always thought the gaucho sofas were too low anyway and it took an inhuman effort to get out of them!

We extended the sliders which were originally intended to make a twin size bed so that we can enlarge it to a small queen size.

Fixing the sliders to the wall

We used the old wood for a template. 

The problem with extending the bed size to almost a queen is that the "back" of the couch has to be substantially larger in order to get a large mattress to sleep on.  This meant that the front window is partially obstructed which we don't mind since we like our privacy anyway!!

Reiner girl (my sister Shelly) came up to help us with the cushions since we had ABSOLUTELY no clue on how to do it!  This is the seatback cushion being worked on.

The front of the slider was covered in a green tweed fabric to add visual interest.

The finished product! We still have to paint the tops of the drawers but it is otherwise good to go!

My sister Shelly the seamstress (how's that for alliteration) sewed the cushions.  The bottom cushion is reversible but the back cushion contains plywood so it is not.  I LOVE the green plaid...has a 50's feel to it without being over the top!

Painted all the edges with "Voyager Brown" paint from Ace Hardware.  

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